A young, dynamic and Belgian duo building upon the legacy of our inspirer and late grandfather,

Jules Vandeputte, giving quality watches a modern and stylish touch, making it available to anyone.


1886 - 1887


Our story unfolds at the end of the 19th century when our great-great-grandfather 
Jules Vandeputte took his first steps into the fantastic world of craftsmanship and watchmaking.  

By investing in quality and focusing on customer experience, he established a family business that’s regarded as

a valuable supplier to several jewellery stores in Switzerland and Belgium.  



1865 -1916


1904 - 1955


For several generations, the precious values upon which our family business was built,

were passed down from grandfather to father, and from father to son.

Already from a young age, we remember our grandfather spending countless hours bent over his study, 

passionately drawing up sketches and working his magic in order to build the perfect watch.

1891 - 1963



2014 - ...


Only recently, we stumbled upon his old book, containing pages full of notes and sketches which learned us
how much time our grandfather spent to his passion. We were awestruck. Looking back, we reckon his eye for 
perfection and his visionary ideas from all of the stories he told us. 

As the 5th generation of our family business, we are ready to keep the spirit of our grandfather alive

by presenting to you ‘Jules & Fils’:
a young, dynamic and authentic brand giving quality watches a modern and stylish touch, making it available to anyone.

With over a century of experience, expertise and know-how, we were able to get in touch with the best watch manufacturers in Europe.

As we worked together closely with European partners over the years, we developed a good mutual understanding,

which gave us the chance to expand our business and build solid partnerships.


We deliberately choose to be Belgian based with manufacturing in Germany.

It helps to be on top of our game and gives us the necessary quality control and flexibility.

In honour of our late grandfather, every timepiece is engraved with his unique signature.

His signature serves as a quality label, thereby guaranteeing that we only produce top class timepieces.